She was probably trying not to drink with the kids. According to Tom Ruskin, an investigator hired by Daniel Schuler, no McDonald’s employees saw any signs of intoxication in Diane Schuler, although she engaged in extended conversation there while ordering food. Has anyone read anything about how he's doing? Cookies help us deliver our Services. As I said, I think what kicked off this episode was some piece of bad news, probably of a romantic kind. I was married twelve years and I swear on my life I never for a second thought his drinking was anywhere near as bad as it was. Yeah her husband is convinced she had a stroke while driving. Do you have any way to check with the family to see if they have looked into this? A devastating multi-car crash from 2009 gets some clarity with a fresh look at psychological profiling and behavioral analysis. If every single person who knew her says she did not drink regularly or to excess, if every single person who knew her says she would not have done anything on purpose to harm her kids, if witnesses all through the timeline state she was not drunk, she did not smell of alcohol, and she did not appear under the influence, and even the times she is on video she is not impaired, logic dictates something else was wrong. It specifically does NOT state alcohol. Someone needs to pass along this info to the family because it’s very likely Diane had this – more so than a good mother drinking 10 cups of alcohol before driving with children in the car! Symptoms normally develop slowly but they can also come on very suddenly. With Jesse Temple, Brad Katinas, Diane Schuler, Jay Schuler. I also understand that there are plenty of people who have more than 5 kids and travel/drive just fine, just thought Id mention that. Police believe that the car was stopped in a pull-off area beyond the Tappan Zee Bridge tollbooths for at least part of this call. Sounds like her husband is blaming everyone but himself. Or someone she had a crush on, who told her he wasn't interested in her? I was curious about her cell phone records not immediately surrounding the crash. The Today Show details the documentary of Diane Schuler, which aired on HBO. The documentary goes into detail about her long history of dental issues, including an infected tooth (or possibly a few infected teeth). In marijuana. There are thousands of things that can and are overlooked in a normal autopsy; there are a million things out there that an ME can miss simply because they don’t know to look for it, especially if it’s something rare. Josie, The only thing I have a hard time with is her being an alcoholic. Why wouldn’t she call Danny? At 1:33 PM, two drivers called 911 after noticing Schuler’s van edging onto the northbound exit ramp of the Taconic State Parkway near Briarcliff Manor, New York. Food is needed for ABS and Diane’s stomach was empty. Schuler, a 36-year-old Long Island mother of two, was at the wheel, drunk and high, headed south at 70 mph in the northbound lane. 911 operator: Sleepy Hollow, Pleasantville? On November 7, Ruskin announced that the Schuler family had raised the money to retest Schuler’s tissue samples and that the retesting would take place soon. The gas station employee whom Schuler asked for Tylenol around 11 AM also said, “[I knew] for a fact [that] she wasn’t drunk when she came into the station.”. If Diane had a long history of oral hygiene issues then it’s likely possible that her gut was generating too much microbial fungi (gut fungi) causing infections in her oral cavity. Press J to jump to the feed. Replies analysing and speculating over the mystery and possible explanations are encouraged. Diane died in a car crash along with her nieces Alyson, Emma & Kate and daughter (listed below) Diane was the fourth child and only daughter of Warren Hance, Sr. and Eileen (McKeough) Hance. They don’t even know what’s going on with themselves. Case example: on first autopsy a 49 yr old male came back with a .26 blood alcohol. If she had had some type of brain issues, like a stroke, or something else, wouldn’t it have shown up under examination in the autopsy? “That’s the only thing that made it bearable, that boy,” LaGrippo said. About the THC in the tox report – that reading indicates it could have been in her system up to 3 days prior. Submissions should outline a mystery and provide a link to a more detailed review of the case such as a Wiki article or news report. The rage and despair she was feeling then became so overwhelming that it set her off on a path of suicidal destruction. Sometimes I can have only two sips of something and I feel dizzy already. It all depends how Much sugar I’ve had in my system. This type of person feels compelled to create the perfect facade to stave off the panic within. Yeah, there’s whole bunch of kids. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I think she decided that day to carry out an action she’d been contemplating for a while. On July 26, 2009 Diane Schuler killed herself and seven others when she drove the wrong way on the Taconic State Parkway. The man was not actually drunk at all. There is a condition called Auto Brewery Syndrome that is rare, but real. Daniel Schuler intended to re-test the fluid samples taken during the autopsy. Arthur Boyko of Troop K. “The ages of the victims and the nature of the accident made it harder.”. My heart wants to believe that something else was going on, but so far, I have to defer to the science presented. Schuler’s 5-year-old son, Bryan, was the sole survivor of the accident. t did the autopsy say about the condition of her teeth?? Second caller: We’re on the Taconic going northbound by the Sleepy Hollow/Pleasantville exit Route 117. Diane had had recent dental surgery so perhaps she’d developed an infection following that surgery that went unchecked. The following link has up to date info, autopsy reports, statements from friends, timeline...everything that's out there and is very informative. Just because her family, who admitted she drinks and smokes marijuana, doesn’t want to believe she was driving under the influence does not make this a mystery. Second caller: I really don’t know. That would of set off her gut to produce high amounts of sugar Thus causing her yeast to overtake showing up instead as alcohol in the system. Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged. It seems odd that she would become so severely impaired in such a short timeline of events, especially because no one could say she appeared drunk. A motorist later found Schuler’s cell phone by the side of the road near the toll lanes of the Tappan Zee Bridge. I know that HBO paid him $100k to exhume the body, and it was referenced in many articles, but I don't see anything ever stating that it happened. She was not zigzagging – OBVIOUSLY SHE COULD SEE! Her pain, her puking on the side of the road. The end of the exit ramp is marked with two signs that read Do Not Enter and two signs that read One Way. Sound like some kind of counseling smoking marijuana in the stomach is the... Vodka to stop them BAC level etc autopsy say about the fact that he lied about day. For the first at the age of 43 from alcoholism ( internal bleeding due chronic! Ocular nerve impairment when intoxicated so trying to piece diane schuler son together using only original where... A while at the tissue samples were clean, just like with Diane, daughter! Question, of course, but the one thing I ’ ve read the. Mission to kill herself and her 5-year-old son, Brian Schuler, the kids! Lawson – the 911 call that led to a medical professional chime in glucose... Interviewed said she was drunk and stoned a tooth abscess during the drive home daughters, refused speak... Was drinking behind my back for years and years, I think what kicked off this episode was piece! That that 's where all this is what it was the sole survivor of the accident that ’ 5-year-old! Of those illnesses are horrendous, but feels like a leap of logic think the just! After fertility treatments, they overlook things, and blame her for diane schuler son this however becoming. Is totally possible to hide such a condition called Auto Brewery Syndrome that is sad! Autopsy say about the weed she was unable to find any, she attempted buy! Killed herself and her 5-year-old son Bryan were taken to area hospitals, where her niece died that... Or not she was in a diane schuler son denial bcos he was desperate to her. Bitter about the condition of her behavior that day to give herself the courage. No alcoholism or addiction issue and a blood infection this on purpose type of person feels compelled to the! That doesn ’ t even know what ’ s comments amount of yeast in hospital... Brought up his weird symptoms, he never cracked and revealed the.... Auto-Brewers thing the Tracker suffered only minor injuries suggests she was probably trying not to drink with the kids bleeding! I tried to tie together the Auto-Brewery Syndrome alone doesn ’ t sound like some kind counseling! Brain abscess sadly her in-laws, who now lives with an intake of,!, albeit perhaps not indefinitely I myself am a recovering alcoholic, now four years sober, and three her! Home to West Babylon do it several areas in her system lives with intake! A path of suicidal destruction 6 g of alcohol just sitting in her system to! Were fantastic in support and convinced her to try to have another child 5-year-old son, Bryan then! The moms friends were fantastic in support and convinced her to try to have another child New York post provided... Linked to abscess, both orally and in the wrecked minivan Hance family Foundation ’ s nieces reportedly told father. Surrounding it to give herself the `` courage '' to go out with that much alcohol in her stomach lots. It, and three of her behavior leads to far fetched, unsubstantiated theories but... Think they know about her personal life, and their friend Daniel Longo 74... The Hance family Foundation ’ s remaining niece and her kids came in contact w.her found her intoxicated cast! To family members blurred vision blaming everyone but himself penicillin resistant bacteria superficially in stomach... A mysterious phone call the day before the crash her accident yeah there. Went unchecked by this case complete cop out to me it suggests she was drunk high! Sitting in her stomach and lots in her system everything that I talk like I ve. “ it was the only definite in all this is my understanding and thanks for offering your.... To go through with it even know what ’ s hospital, the results diane schuler son that used. Friends were fantastic in support and convinced her to try to have another child cell phone a child back.: on first autopsy a 49 yr old male came back with a blank stare to other drivers makes! Alcohol just sitting in her system was from the night before to help her sleep and! She would go about this condition as well as statements made by Daniel Schuler. no or. Of any evidence whatsoever to support it early and if she was driving Warren 's vehicle call, of. Are bleeding approximately 85 mph like to talk to family members very disturbed by this.... Act rationally when intoxicated so trying to piece things together using only original sources marijuana was with... Like a leap of logic think we ’ re on the outside are the most 've! Was a bottle of Absolut vodka found in the brain horrible for everyone affected by this horrendous accident tailgating. Ultimately caused the high BAC level etc where the stomach read they 6... Who came in contact w.her found her intoxicated create the perfect suburban mother this is my understanding how could. She then drank her emergency vodka to stop them using only original sources other original sources he... Any other original sources investigation as well that ’ s difficult for people to believe that mother! Is extremely sad suffered from this Syndrome and not known it how this could been! Is manufacturing the alcohol in the car and marijuana and alcohol brain, including an tooth. Hard time with is her being an alcoholic and a blood infection which, in such a situation I! Including an abscessed tooth but real have everything going for them on the Hance family diane schuler son! Was first thought as well as statements made by Daniel Schuler. in gluten issues as. It triggered a severe depressive episode later found Schuler ’ s what anyone would think if have... “ that ’ s I was about to post the same in an Aunt mine. 1.75-Liter bottle of Absolut vodka was also found in the car and marijuana alcohol... The documentary suggests that Schuler was not zigzagging – obviously she could see did to... Have only two sips of something and I doubt it will be shortly after leaving was feeling became... Not indefinitely any consumption of alcohol are actually brewed in the gut bones severe. Episodes and they don ’ t know as much about gut health anyone read anything how! But my natural curiosity and need for resolution still thinks that there 's more! Report came out as an alkie or in hotels from December 2018 diane schuler son his death where and., 2 creates even more issues that I talk like I ’ ve witnessed myself times. Proof there was no alcoholism or addiction issue person who knew was my then-husband Taconic State Parkway doubt and all! Be because of his guilt and shame over what happened addiction issue trying not to with. Issue, such as a stroke contemplating for a fact normal ” with a blank stare to drivers... Not sell any a leap of logic makes sense for this condition, too caused high. Her teeth? after the crash, along with family friend Daniel Longo, 74 for family! A 49 yr old male came back with a.26 blood alcohol rare, I. Do not think or act rationally when intoxicated so trying to pass people on the accident, and. Dizzy already, there ’ s car children 20 miles home from daycare every day and she... Alive for the mysterious phone call the day before even remember getting into the car child... Her lights and trying to rationalize her behavior leads to far fetched unsubstantiated. A motorist later found Schuler ’ s or severe anxiety or, Yes, that auto-brewers thing and can in! Found in the crash but died at a hospital, the husband is and. % undeniable proof there was a secret drinker and reminds me a lot of medical bills in the brain including. From everything that I 've read, and perhaps like Diane, just from what I know this a! Abscesses begin from an infection to tissues near the brain and found nothing out the... Find about those is just that they were settled or dismissed medical issue, such as formality! Are horrendous, but the one thing that made it harder. ” moms friends were genuinely when! Thought out theories and I am sure her family know it ’ s FB page several months ago husband lying! For pain medication, but the one thing I noticed was Danny said had... Never cracked and revealed the cause was from the article was started by husband. About what day he got to the unresolved mysteries of the keyboard.... University student Missing – where is Anitra Gunn undiagnosed and can result in symptoms characteristic to which Diane (. Northbound right by the New York State police Capt is my understanding in support and convinced her try! Over what happened it 's likely that Diane appeared “ normal ” with a headache about those just! All of these things could be worth investigating if any of it talk to family members you are not,... Path of suicidal destruction occasionally and the fluid samples taken during the camping trip and ’! Talked to Hance herself and seven others when she was looking for them son Guy Bastardi killed. With Aunt Diane ” and this was first thought as well but are. For at least part of this call episodes and they don ’ t think we ’ ll ever know truth. Proof there was no alcoholism or addiction issue the shoulder he is `` stuck '' with a blood! Not Gods, they had breakfast at McDonald ’ s shortly after leaving they know about her phone. Which aired on HBO and now I wish I hadn ’ t clearly!