Viper. flashing red light on dash in ford focus. Verify battery condition by turning on headlights and seeing if they are bright. Reply ... pics of dashboard and warning lights are at the very start... All I can see between the indicator lights is the speedo!!! It doesn't … There are a few most-common causes you might encounter in a no-start problem with your vehicle. Each car is sold with two electronic keys (three if your car has the valet feature) that are specially coded to work with the vehicle. 30 posts. Im at a loss to what the problem could be. When key is in start position no dash lights come on and my anti theft light above hazards blinks continuously any ideas? What is the flashing red lite on my instrumental panel. Just changed water inlet?? All Ford Focus models are equipped with SecuriLock, which is Ford's passive anti-theft system. I recently bought a 2008 Ford Focus. Average failure mileage is 30,000 miles. flashing red light on dash in ford focus. seriousmischief. The 2007 Ford Focus has 1 problems reported for won't start/anti-theft system activates. We can't figure out what its for, and how to stop it. My 2002,ford focus se 5 SPD won't start at all no sound when key is turned. It shouldn’t! / Ford / Focus / What is the flashing red lite on my instrumental panel. Discussion. The button can not be pressed. I lost the security chip out of the key. However now the car won,t start. CarGurus has 15,523 nationwide Focus … Question type: Maintenance & Repair. Today after putting gas in the car a light started flashing intermittently. It could be as simple as a loose battery connection or as complicated as an engine mechanical problem. Looking for a Used Focus in your area? ... Start a new Ford Focus question. It is likely to turn off the light and start the car. I have a 1997 Ford Expedition the anti-theft light is blinking. Report; Follow; Asked by Guru9ZW46H 2 hours ago about the 2010 Ford Focus. Son disconnected the battery for 1 hour and put it back on but no change. However now the RED light centre of dash ( immobiliser light ) keeps flashing rapidly and nothing happens when i try to start the car. There is a small button behind my steering wheel that sometimes flashes red. Flashing Red Car and Lock on Ford Dashboard Oct 18, 2016 Does the flashing red light of a car and lock on your dashboard scare you? 2 3 Next Reply Author. It's located on the very bottom left of the dash, it looks like a car with a giant lock symbol. And I had two other transponder keys made and took it to the Ford Place and they wiped the computer system playing I guess but they said these keys are programmed to the truck but the anti-theft light is still blinking and will not start. 2017 Ford Focus Blinking Red light Random honks 3 Answers. Ford Focus TDCI starting problem flashing light on dash? The car will not start without using the proper coded key, partly to deter car thieves. 136 months. Tuesday 5th … It is completely normal to see the car and lock start flashing on your dashboard whenever you park and turn your vehicle off. Reply Prev of 3. ... stop me in the road and won’t start except you give it sometime before it start.i took it to diagnose the problem it was code p2127 and the alternator was not also charging. Original Poster. A no-start problem in your vehicle may be caused by one or more systems in your car.