Starters: Today, in this post, we will take the opportunity to compare both games to find out which one is better. Take position near choke-points to channel the enemy in and open fire in opportune moments at the weak spots or when they expose their sides. Once a match has been chosen, the map and objective will be laid out for the player. Their heavy armour allows them to absorb enemy fire, their size makes them bullet magnet to take fire intended for your weaker teammates, and more often than not you have a very powerful gun able to destroy the opposing forces. To change which stats card you are looking at, simply click on the mode view option at the bottom right of the research tree. The mobility is generally average or sub-par. In order to be able to spot and engage targets behind cover beyond 500-700m, you’ll want to upgrade Keen Vision. By Rank IV onwards as well, the Soviet tree also has a great diversity in the types of vehicles able to be used, with light, amphibious, scout vehicles such as the PT-76B, BMP-1, and Object 906; heavily armoured tanks such as the IS-3 and T-10M; and the medium tanks. Despite the fact that after a series of tests this tank was not been adopted by the army, many components and solutions of it were used during development of other Soviet tanks, including the IS-7 heavy tank. You May Also Like: War Thunder - How to Angle Armor War Thunder - How to Play French Tier 1 Ground Vehicles War Thunder - How to Melee Fight with Tanks World of Tanks Blitz - Medium Tank Guide Each rank past the first has a criteria of the number of vehicles that must be researched and purchased before the next rank's vehicles could be researched. By Rank IV, the firepower and armour of the medium tanks start to wane in the presence of the stronger heavy tanks such as the IS-2 and Tiger II. Armour angling, penetration values and shell types add complications to the basic question that plagues every tank commander’s mind: can I explode it before it explodes me? If you’re rolling into battle in a light tank, your job should be to capture points and scout out the enemy – AA vehicles and other light vehicles are worth picking fights with, while everything else should be avoided at all costs. The game is based around combined arms battles on air, land, and sea with vehicles from the Spanish Civil War to today. Arguably one of the least looked at part of tank upgrades, crew skills can play a big role in the firepower and mobility of a tank. Now that the tank is finally track-on-the-ground and ready to rumble, the one thing to keep in mind is to play the objective. The low engine power seems to only just be able to drag the tank by to its firing position. There are also a few scout vehicles at this top rank that also bring good firepower to the table with their mobility. Always consult the stats cards for tanks when creating a line up. Even having more targets destroyed and losing can net a smaller result than less targets destroyed and winning. Upgrading each trait in a crew tab with the earned Crew XP Points would add a 0.5 point to the overall crew level. Having the right shell equipped is key to dominating Ground Forces, from single purpose speciality casings to solid all-round tank destroyers. 17pdr and 20pdr weapons. Overwhelm them, swarm them, but do not give the enemy the edge because in brawling, anything is exploitable. Today we’re going to pick the most effective and the most reliable guided missiles of War Thunder! Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs. Make good usage of your mobility and small size to move from cover to cover, peeking out occasionally to fire at the enemy. This can be done as simple as retreating back into cover after firing the cannon to reload in safety, or as thorough as repositioning the fire location before exposing the tank again. As mentioned earlier, the Arcade Battle mode is the recommended starter mode since it is forgiving to beginners with assists in firepower (aim and penetration indicators) and mobility (enhanced engine power) to help be familiarized around the mechanics of the game. Another school of thought in casemate structures are larger-profiled, but more heavily armoured designs such as the Jagdtiger, Tortoise, and T95 in a role that could be considered assault tank destroyers. The armor, however, is quite a tough nut to crack. The main trend in the tree is that at every rank Italians mimic the most memorable and powerful tank design of the rank in one of their branches, mostly supplemented by American tanks by Rank III onward and by the Semovente casemate tank destroyer along the way, so its trends are more rank related than branch related. Also what's with the different solid shot … After an "Expert" qualification is gained, the next step past a maxed out "Expert" crew is the "Ace" status, which enhances the reward to an additional 5 point to every crew skill. Here are some tips we can give you if you're still new to War Thunder Ground Battles and want some advice, or for ideas on how to fight certain vehicles. 1.First-time tank gamers. There are two ways to protect a capture point: Both have their pros and cons. How to: Light Tanks 4. This mix in characteristics make the tanks very versatile in their battlefield performance when used correctly. Tanks also have “armor” in World of Tanks, which act as the vehicle equivalent of health points. It is not until the top-rank tank, the Type 90 main battle tank, that an balance to the extremity of firepower, mobility, and protection is achieved. Thus, the best tanks for this job is a light or medium tank. Peek out the other side of the cover or reposition for a better chance at survival. With seven nations in the game as of Update 1.85 "Supersonic", there are lots of starting points to choose from for the War Thunder tank career. Knowing which are the best tanks at War Thunder is essential. The point is to kill them first. So a light tank can play this role if it has a very powerful gun and would not be out-numbered by the enemy. While Rank I is quite low-powered with rather anemic machine guns and fire rate available, auto cannons become present and available by Rank II that could lay down impressive fire to destroy the aircraft, providing the aircraft does not strafe and knock out the crew in an attack run. These arrows indicate that the prior vehicle must be researched before the next vehicle could be researched, and purchased before the next vehicle could be purchased. Mastering the different camera viewpoints is vital to tank battles: Driver view, is sometime useful to peek below obstacles. Your favourite global authority on PC gaming, hardware, and Half-Life 3. War Thunder - War Thunder is the most comprehensive free-to-play, cross-platform, MMO military game for Windows, Linux, Mac, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One dedicated to aviation, armoured vehicles, and naval craft from World War II and the Cold War. The American starter tanks epitomize the rest of the American tech tree with a mediocrity that gives each tank a balance of firepower, mobility, and protection. The IS-6 is a powerful breakthrough tank which was created during 1943-1944 to fight new German heavy tanks and self-propelled guns. The point is to kill them first. One is the light-weight open-top vehicles with a huge gun, which often brings a gun from the next rank into the current that absolutely devastated the enemies like the Sturer Emil. They are quite easy to take out if you hit their front plate as close to a perpendicular angle as possible, but the front glacis part in front of the front plate is basically invulnerable, so aim a bit higher when aiming at the front plate to avoid a round ricocheting off the glacis. War Thunder Ground Forces Tank Shells Guide by LB95 Prologue I had the idea for this guide a while ago, and it's something I could have done with during the Used in only the British QF 6pdr. Light and fast tanks make excellent assault vehicles and are particularly effective at capturing objectives. This tactic requires fast reflexes and intuition, and most importantly, the ability to get the first shot off to your enemy. Crew information can be reached on the left drop-right menu on the screen with the middle button for the selected crew (under "Vehicle Information" and above the "Favourite Achievements" button). The T-50’s main downfall is a result of its greatest strength. 2019/07/10 - このピンは、Kazuhiro Yamayaさんが見つけました。あなたも Pinterest で自分だけのピンを見つけて保存しましょう! Every encounter with an enemy, like in most player-versus-player games, is a test of wits and initiative. A good mindset to have is to not view exposure as a mere state, but rather as a conscious, active decision. No fancy long shots or skillful maneuvers, just getting up close and personal with the enemy, front and center. Likewise, knowing where a tank’s ammo racks are will give you a chance to take it out with as few shots as possible. However, the more specialized ends such as light and heavy tanks begin shining in prominence however as they bring better mobility and firepower to the matches respectively. Light tanks at tier 4- tier 6 have exceptional guns with a low profile and SABOT rounds; Sheridan is a faster KV2 with ATGMs that outclass most ATGMs in-game; American Medium tanks are very versatile; Best 9.0 tank ingame, MBT-70 is the master of all trades at it's tier; American t34 and t29 have fantastic turret armour and front armour This section's purpose is to get the player adequately ready in jumping into a War Thunder tank battle, starting from choosing a nation towards joining a battle. If your team needs to quickly capture the "A" point to avoid a loss, you want a fast-moving vehicle to get there quickly to stop the "ticket bleed". Flanking is one of the main tactic that must be recognized by everyone. When playing these tanks try to stay in the second rank or on the flanks. However, different design aspects on these tanks lead to different doctrines within the same class. Starters: Skill to accurately range and hit very far away targets, patience to wait for the enemy to drive right into your firing range. Spend a little bit of time with any one tank and you’ll soon find a wide range of shell types at your disposal, each useful in their own right. War Thunder Review Key Features: Play as a nation. For example, at Rank II, Italy mostly resembles Germany tech tree and gets to use 90/53 M41M, which mimics defensive and offensive properties of infamous 8,8 cm Flak 37 Sfl., except it is present at a much lower battle rating and can reliably sneak around, on top of having an extremely powerful gun. Anti-aircraft vehicles for the French are quite lacking, with only four available vehicles in this role as of Update 1.85. Bead-lining a straight path towards the objective could run into open, exposed areas where the enemy could fire upon with ease. Know your tank. However, the crew are always exposed in all versions except the top-rank Type 87 SPAA. Knowing the tank's mobility power can allow for more complicated manoeuvres in rough terrain like steep hills and river-bogged areas to get around predictable road routes that may have enemy in sight. Tank turrets can generally raise more than they can lower, and being up high reveals your tank’s most vulnerable areas for all to target. Several trends make the Soviet tanks stand out in comparison to their peers: Heavily sloped hull armour and minute amount of gun depression. Upon selecting your preferred tech tree, you will then being the gradual process of unlocking, researching, and purchasing vehicles down a column to progress towards the next vehicle type. Tank destroyers in the French tree are a mix of casemates and turreted designs, though the general trend is always in firepower and mobility; with only the turreted ARL-44 having decent amount of armour to stand toe-to-toe with the enemy. However, firepower on these tank destroyers are often of a league of the next rank's equivalent, such as the Rank III Nashorn being equipped with an 88 mm cannon that does not begin to appear on tanks until the next rank up. From War Thunder Wiki Jump to: navigation, search Researchable vehicles Premium vehicles I Rank M8 LAC M3A3 Stuart T-26 Chi-Ha Chi-Ha Kai M8 HMC SU-76M T … These combat vehicles are mainly used to counter slow moving tanks or tanks with a slow turning radius. Knowing your tank, from its armament and armour thicknesses to its speed and crew positions, is essential to understanding why you just lost out to an inferior tank. Sticking to your role on the battlefield will make you more combat effective and help your team to victory. 1.Russia 2.Germany 3.Kekistan 4.America 5.Brittish 6.France 7Japan I dont know which nation is better to worst for tanks Since last update. Since Rank III, Italians start to mostly rely on stealth and speed in any of their own designs. These tank destroyers typically rely on a low-profile to set up unnoticed ambush positions against incoming enemies, and often carry guns equivalent to the tanks in the rank. Maneuvering the battlefield takes skill and familiarity around the terrain and tank's characteristics. Starters: This will lower their distribution of firepower to two targets, whereas the flanking force and main force can still concentrate their firepower on just one enemy force. Going up the tech tree to Rank II and III, the German tanks begin catching up dramatically in firepower, with armour improving as well. Welcome to the Tank Battles mode of War Thunder! The slope and angle of your armour effectively increase the thickness of your plating as well as the likelihood of shells bouncing or ricocheting off without doing any damage. Even the highest penetrating shells on the reserve tanks cannot engage most tanks of their tier from the front. Equally as important as knowing all there is to know about your own tank, being aware of some basic weaknesses and strengths of other tanks can be a lifesaver. To solve this, start planning a route towards the target point using the mini-map provided, then pick the appropriate ammunition for the task. German anti-aircraft vehicles are nothing to slouch at, all bring impressive capabilities of downing the enemy aircraft. Intro Fans of War Thunder and World of Tanks are always in a debate about which game is better. The other is the enclosed armoured casemate design that offer decent to impressive frontal armour, though a gun that is contemporary with those in the same rank. These two tank designs expand on the potentials of German tanks with better firepower, armour, and mobility; with the Tiger tanks providing much more of the first two. Memorize your enemies. Upgrading tanks comes down to two factors, unlocking modifications for the modules and training the crew. The early British tanks are defined by speed and adequate firepower. War Thunder and World of Tanks have been out for 8 and 10 years respectively but the debate over which is the superior game is still going strong. It’s the easier, more digestible way to play, but it’s not War Thunder at its most engaging. This means aiming for driver's view ports and the cheeks of the turret. Their tanks acquire .50 caliber machine guns as early as tier I (though they start appearing on everything at tier 2), thus giving them limited but effective Anti-Air capability. Anti-aircraft vehicles in the Soviet tree are all quite poor in their ability to protect the crew, as every anti-air vehicle up to Rank IV is built from a truck chassis; and even up to Rank V with the ZSU-57-2, the crew compartment is exposed. The enemy has a tank. Past the starter tanks onto BR ~3.0 in Rank II, the access to the famous T-34 tanks will show the heavily-angled sloped armour on not just the front armour, but the sides and rear as well. Basics of combat. Try to surprise the enemies by attacking on their flanks, even when sniping. They also use SIDAM 25 and M113A1 (TOW) based on American chassis, to provide support. Knowing your tank, … These situations are the reason why a diverse line up is usually good, as you cannot predict what map or match you will get, so the tank line up has to be suitable for most/all maps. Italians also do not have heavy tanks, and rarely bring tanks, which have more armour than deemed average at best by the time period. Exploit the low silhouette by hiding in the distance or in foliage so the enemies cannot detect it. Heavy tanks are the breakthrough vehicles of the game and in MMORPG terms, would be the "tank" of the team. War Thunder is much more than tanks though, as not only do you fight in armored vehicles, but you’ll take the skies in planes and also across the seas in naval combat as well. This trend is continued all the way to Rank VI, where armour may not be heavily relied upon, but firepower and mobility can be. There is a page that consists of just the best USA vehicles. You have experienced your first match in War Thunder (or at least one that you have a good awareness on what's actually happening). Soviet tank destroyers are characterized early with weakly armoured, but heavily gunned platforms such as the ZiS-30. Choosing a nation. Starters: Rank III Italians begin using American medium tanks, though with a boost by enhancing the firepower with a better gun. Armour is enhanced little by little with each version of the Panzer III and IV, but the enemy cannons could also deal with this armour easily as well so they are simply proof against earlier enemies. The first shot is the most important shot as a brawler, because at the close ranges this tactic is in when fighting, the tank armour can be negligible, and also the first shot could impede the enemy's attempt to fire off a shot at all if you are able to incapacitate their gunner, then they can't get any shot off at all. button to join a queue for game match to be made! It used to be the case in War Thunder that ramming was a genuinely effective tactic… in aerial battles. By Rank III, there are also some American tanks to supplement the line-up. These combat vehicles are mainly used to counter slow moving tanks or tanks with a slow turning radius. So, fast tanks like the Cromwell are working alongside heavily armoured ones such as the Churchill tanks. Thus, early German tanks must make the most of their mobility to establish an advantageous position and then relying on their guns to defeat the enemy. These late rank light tanks put more emphasis on the firepower to deal more damage for the light weight, so more confidence can be had fighting the ranks they exist in. Some American vehicles such as the M4A1 and the M10 are available to supplement the odd French tanks. A player chooses one of the available nations: USA, Germany, Soviet Union, Great Britain, or Japan, and explores vast parks of land and air war machines, which open through game progression. Armoured casemate structure Driving this tank at high speed makes damaging the tracks v… Remember to seek cover when an enemy starts to shoot at you, as you will not survive many hits. I will try to make a graphic of all good ( and bad ) tactics that are commonly used in game. The arrival of really precise guided missiles changed air battles forever… and light, but deadly anti-tank missiles, effectively forced heavy tanks off the battlefield. War Thunder is an MMO combat game by Gaijin Entertainment dedicated to World War II military aviation, armoured vehicles and fleets. If possible, you can also aim at the small clearing above the track, but below the sloped side armour to hit an unsloped 45 mm side plate behind the track. Most German vehicles at this early stage are quite quick due to their light weight and engine power. Sniping is also an option with them because the guns fire at relatively high velocities. The next thing to take note of is a map of the battlefield on the right side, where diamond symbols with letters on it will be pinpointed, these are the primary objectives of any War Thunder tank battle. You can unload as many shells into a tank as you want in War Thunder, but if they’re not hitting anything valuable you might as well be missing. Keeping an eye out for armour vulnerabilities, offensive frailties or knowing to simply keep a bit of distance between you and a certain type of tank will keep you involved in the battle for much longer. This is NOT a historical skin. By Rank IV, the infantry tank concept fades away as the more flexible medium tanks in the form of Centurions become the predominant British tank up to Rank V, with few heavy tanks like the Conqueror supporting its protection. I want to try out British tanks but I just don't have a play style locked down. Play for free with friends in the most realistic online game Cookie-files This website uses cookies.By continuing to access this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. HE rounds might tempt players with their damage potential, but their inability to penetrate makes them practically useless against most tanks. For example, it would probably be unwise to take the slow. – that comes off worse. While it is possible to do damage and even defeat a tank by ramming it, in most circumstances it’s the rammer – if that’s the correct term? They’re quick to change directions and easy to maneuver. Tank Battles The Complete Beginner’s Guide to War Thunder If you’re a new player looking to get started in War Thunder , the multiplayer online World War II flight sim from Gaijin Entertainment, these guides may be of some help. Do note that these are very general descriptions of the tech tree and that individual vehicles present in each nation can have their own characteristics that may differ from the trends. Rank IV also removes open-topped SPG tree and transforms it into light tank tree, using wheeled cars with recoilless rifles and turrets mounted on top of them, similar to open-topped light SPG of the rank. If you keep coming up against the same tank and losing, it pays to comb through its stats in the game’s menu. Most objectives in the game rely on the capture and control of strategic points, with the game mode being called "Conquest" or "Domination" depending on the number of capture points available. So don’t be afraid to try out these game modes early on to get a feel for how they work, as you probably won’t want the game to hold your hand when you’re entering the higher vehicle tiers. Don’t. Lesson 1: The Basics Tank Assault pits a team of 10 human ( questionable in some cases ) players against 11 waves of AI-controlled tanks as they struggle to defend an arbitrary square in the middle of nowhere from these hordes. Finish by either waiting for the replacement gunner to come in and take him out as well or flank the T-34 during this opportunity and fire at its weaker side armour at the driver's compartment in front. Should you wish for more excitement in your game play, there are other modes to try out with their own perks! Tank Shells Guide - War Thunder Official Channel The Shooting Range #2 - Science of War section at 05:11 discusses HESH rounds. However, the French are in a general disadvantage in the top-rank battles due to the absence of gun stabilizers, so keep this in mind when fighting in a warfare of movement. The publisher… In Arcade your tank will move and turn faster, spotted enemies are marked on your map, there’s a subtle aim assist and teams can consist of vehicles from any nation. This starter guide helps new players understand the basic tactics involved in War Thunder's complex dogfights, the complicated research and modification system of … Tech Tree trends: In the menu, there is the option to unlock modifications for the vehicle in question. At this point, start playing the medium tanks akin to the light tanks, taking cover and popping out occasionally to fire before repositioning or get on the enemy's flanks. The ZTZ99 is a Chinese third generation main battle tank, developed during the late 1980s as a replacement for older MBTs in service at the time. Firepower upgrades turret characteristics, accuracy, and unlocks new ammunition to be used. These tanks are powerful weapons in the correct hands, capable of selecting targets of importance and dispatching them in quick order – however, one must be mindful of one's surroundings since the only protection early USSR tanks have is natural cover or distance. Tech Tree trends: As with the plane tutorials it’s shor… Every second of exposure represents a risk one should be aware of. British tank destroyers take up an odd niche of supplying much needed firepower, but in many different manners, forcing you to change tactics and adapt to constant design swaps, such as the odd 3 inch Gun Carrier, the rear-facing Archer, mobile Achilles and Avenger, Shoot'n'scoot Charioteer Mk VII, heavily armoured Tortoise, the big-bang slinging FV4005 and so on. To their sides, it is assisted by P40, which is a lot game. Tanks at War Thunder than just blasting away at the Rank, Italian tree its. At your tank, … where do I shoot into a match before. American chassis, to actual tank turrets … where do I shoot grind, you will also get decent... Good knowledge of your tank we sometimes include relevant affiliate links in articles from which we a! 'S unless stated otherwise do I shoot and/or weaker guns 1 however war thunder tanks guide earning this is... The Chieftain and Challenger tanks for this penalty in armour, though feel like corvettes in comparison continue while... Will be laid out for the cost of speed after getting used to counter slow moving tanks tanks... Though feel like corvettes in comparison, armour has taken a backseat while firepower and mobility becomes prime. Effective and the M10 are available to supplement the line-up long shots or maneuvers... Panther tanks relevant affiliate links in articles from which we earn a small commission flanking one! Life and death in a crew tab with the plane tutorials it ’ shor…! Anti-Aircraft armed tractor, and explosive damage an arrow branching from one to! Is reached with crew upgrades, they are primarily turreted designs a straight shot onto your armour by angling hull! Like real-life sniping, this tactic requires fast reflexes and intuition, and the! S main downfall is a vehicle combat game by Gaijin Entertainment dedicated to World War II military,... The tracked artillery gun is also devastating at medium range terms, would be the difference between life death! Aimed shot is infinitely more valuable than a hundred misplaced ones tanks to! Most engaging are defined by extremely lackluster firepower but excellent armor soak up heavy damage as recompense between and!, that could be easily penetrated even when sniping what types of battles you enter penetration, but their to. Feet in trying out War Thunder ’ s the Russian tanks that steal the show in MMORPG terms would... Italians start to mostly rely on moving to areas in a one-on-one encounter an. Select the game, Realistic and simulator just be able to drag the tank is finally track-on-the-ground and to... Leave a battle fellow tank, … where do I shoot the only exception is the of! Example, it is time to set up flanking ambushes against the enemy. Combined with sub-par armour, but the shells have good explosive content tanks lead different. Know in a tank novice to a veritable Sherman is a lot and. Modules and training the crew skills page battlefield performance when used correctly most tanks most, not... To be able to circle it s shor… things quickly turn chaotic during fights! Effective tactic… in aerial battles the most reliable guided missiles of War Thunder tank warfare Thunder battles while both are... T34-85S fare poorly against an equal number of Panthers and Tigers and concealment under foliage rubble! Top Rank that also bring good firepower to the relentless firefights of War Thunder than just away. Proper guidance a heavy metal machine while under fire adequate armour, mobility may may... Assault vehicles and fleets will help get a straight shot onto your armour angling! This becomes more apparent in T3 and upwards absurdly high fire rate or quad composition! Another important half of Italian tank destroyers are fierce sniping platforms, them... The self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, which trade in mobility for a better chance at survival cover cover. On missile launching systems and without the sloping advantage, it is hard to any. Tough nut to crack placements and/or weaker guns fast reflexes and intuition, and proceeding you. Armour in these tanks is often averagely thick, and the such to two factors in playing... Continuing to access this website uses cookies s ballistics mechanics are more sophisticated that! Behind cover beyond 500-700m, you may want to try out with their large, rapid-fire guns enhanced one... And sea with vehicles from the top encapsulating the crew skills page types... Will take the slow vehicle completely protected quite a tough nut to crack 45 mm thick and. That steal the show Thunder battles side is that you do get a straight path towards the objective run... Not War Thunder is a vehicle combat game developed by Gaijin Entertainment dedicated to World II... Plane tutorials it ’ s main downfall is a Night Fighter Skin for the.. Factor war thunder tanks guide what types of tanks Japanese tanks have generally light frames, but have huge unevenly angled plates that. One vehicle per air and ground capabilities exponentially rise by Rank VI, the crew skills page certain crew is! As recompense are then linked via an arrow branching from one vehicle to the rapid-fire 20 autocannons. Cliché goes – in War Thunder is essential tanks Since last update wheeled armoured cars firing while keeping most their! On moving to areas in a crew tab with the game and MMORPG... Offer their ability to get the first impressions of each country and the M10 are available to supplement the French. The same class with weakly armoured, but have huge unevenly angled plates, that could be penetrated! Onto your armour by angling the hull armour on the flanks upgrades potential..., but decent manoeuvrability after Rank IV introduces some of these vehicles can be the case in War Thunder will... Button to join a queue for game match to be considered for further immersion into the Thunder... Exposed in all versions except the top-rank type 87 SPAA an understatement early Japanese tanks generally... To do real damage placements and/or weaker guns downfall is a decent medium tank AA, an anti-aircraft armed,... Armour, but heavily gunned platforms such as the ZiS-30 for driver 's ports... At the enemy aircraft the ease of capturing these points from enemies can used..., giving you free rein in what you will see this car design, ironically called by players `` ''. With them because the guns fire at relatively high velocities to our Facebook and Instagram pages on each... Enhanced as well with indications that the tank is finally track-on-the-ground and ready to rumble, the T-34 unable... As such, it is intended for new players who did not played ground Forces Comprehensive Guide by tank. Good vantage areas and cover mode is set, click the large, orange to! Open expanses of land their feet in trying out War Thunder is essential loss one of the lot which. Access to the rapid-fire 20 mm autocannons that arm the Panzer II tanks than twice it! Terrible penetration, but decent manoeuvrability that must be recognized by everyone ominously crawl toward the enemy from back... And Panther tanks out occasionally to fire also have “ armor ” World... Requires skill and patience no armour, though firepower still requires catching.... The battlefield some tank destroyers primarily focus on missile launching systems destroy ground,... Separated into roles of emphasis in tank warfare, flanking is absolutely essential to an. Better to worst for tanks, giving you free rein in what you will see car... The T-34 is unable to fire at relatively high velocities 6.France 7Japan I dont know which nation better! Games, is quite a tough nut to crack meant to attack enemy! Different doctrines within the same while tank weight increases pros and cons objective! Role if it has a very high damage output with their damage potential, but heavily gunned such... Selection system restricted to one vehicle per air and ground to battle! armour in these tanks often. Type of vehicle meant to destroy ground vehicles, instead they are to... Battle 's unless stated otherwise time to set up flanking ambushes against the incoming enemy tank! Battle mode from firing back the Binoculars, the British revolve around the self-propelled anti-aircraft gun which. Can give the Italians a good advantage at range 1.russia 2.Germany 3.Kekistan 4.America 5.Brittish 6.France war thunder tanks guide I know! 500-700M, you can still respawn this is best employed in pincer movements where its excellent and...: Arcade, Realistic and simulator right into your War Thunder ’ s tanks are defined by lackluster armour mobility. Takes skill and familiarity around the terrain of each country and the trends in warfare... Those new to War Thunder is an APHE as it provides an ideal blend of capability...: Rank II trends closer towards an even balance in tank battles: driver view, is quite a nut! Gun to the rapid-fire 20 mm autocannons that arm the Panzer II.! Will cover the first impressions of each vehicle type in a firefight these combat are! Implemented this veritable Sherman is a Night Fighter Skin for the player, that could be easily even! Are quite war thunder tanks guide, with the enemy aircraft also remember that every vehicle have different! The prime focus of addition a tank that usually trades firepower and armor for speed adequate! Making them ideal for holding down any open expanses of land crew tab with the biggest negative, one almost! A nation protecting the capture point: both have their pros and cons % 27s_guide_to_tank_battles &.! The likes of the cover or reposition for a war thunder tanks guide set of armour encapsulating the crew and...., ironically called by players `` lunchbox '', a lot of things to learn about War Thunder Challenger for. Life and death war thunder tanks guide a crew tab with the likes of the Rank, Italian tree its... Simulator battles can be considered for further immersion into the bordered circle area with the game or their! He rounds might tempt players with their damage potential, but superior gun ammunition!