Extending the imaginary lines out from 1/60th of a degree now means that the lines still diverge, but at a slower rate. I’ll round that to .007. Don't frustrate yourself by trying to get it perfect. With the 14.5″ and 16″ barrel carbines, the first zero for a 300 meter trajectory is 25 meters. The zeroing process ensures the Soldier, weapon, aiming device, and ammunition are performing as expected at a specific range to target with the least amount of induced errors. 300 meters is the lowest setting and 600 meters is the higher setting of the drum. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. With a military’s 14.5″ barrel carbines, the near zero is approximately 42 meters (46 yards). I use the prone position most of the time for zeroing, but have also used the crossed ankle sitting position if space was limited. I’m shocked at how many stories I hear of people showing up to training classes without their rifles zeroed. Gain insights from pros, new content notifications, vendor discount alerts, and more! Should You Buy a Nitrided Barrel for Your AR-15? Do you think those sights on that free float rail would be durable and reliable? Zeroing Your Iron Sights. This must be done while compensating for the effects of wind/weather and the range to the target. a. Let us know how it works. The Marine Corps method of adjusting the rear sight down two clicks below the 8/3 setting or four clicks below the “6/3” setting allows the Marine to shoot with a 200 yard zero (very similar to a 50 yard/200 meter zero), but with the accuracy potential of the smaller aperture. The compass has 360 hash marks around the bezel, each one corresponding to a single degree of angle. Combat shooting is fairly more dynamic and the shooter will find themselves engaging targets at various (and unspecified) distances. Do you have a 100 meter (109 yard) rifle range to verify zero? We will not share any of your information. One sixtieth (1/60) of a degree is a minute of angle. With M855, 62-grain ammo: zero at 30 meters (33 yards). It you look at that ballistic arc illustration I posted earlier, you might have noticed that the bullet intersects the line of sight at two different points, near and far. This guarantees the highest level of accuracy. The bullet will reach the top of its trajectory at ≅ 1.2″ above point-of-aim at 127 yards, and plateau at this height for another 10 yards. As such, you should expect to do it periodically. At 100 meters each click will move your point-of-impact ≅ .5″. It is a one stop shop for dialing in the irons. Regulates correctly with A2 front sight on any AR-15-style rifle or carbine; instructions included for adjusting front sight post height to set exact zero. You've had your whole life to prepare for this moment. This also means that if you zero any of the other barrel lengths / ammunition combinations at 25 meters, then you will not achieve the 300 meter far zero. I have had several retired Marines tell me that they use to sight their fixed carry hand M-16 A2 rifles at 300 yards, but the dialed the sights down two clicks and used the 200 yard setting for most of their shooting. Marines zero their 20″ barrel M-16 A2 and A4 so that with the “8/3” or “6/3″ setting the bullet impacts point-of-aim at 300 yards, not meters. Intended as a method for combat shooting over varying distances, the soldier can simply aim at his rifle into the middle of an enemy at an unspecified distance and know that he will hit within a lethal zone without worrying about holding over or under the target. Holy damn dude. But that’s wrong. Rifle & pistol ammunition (enough to fill your magazines), Extra batteries for optics, flashlight(s), and GPS, Mini weapons cleaning kit (checklist is on the Shooting Page), quality LED flashlight plus extra batteries, Solar panel, deep cycle car battery, charger, & inverter, Fishing kit (hooks, line, sinkers, bobbers). I want to give you that context. A shooter needs to understand what style sights they are using, and how to properly zero their sights. Verify zero at 300 yards, With M193, 55-grain ammo: zero at 37 yards. He's former military officer turned professional tech sector trainer. So glad you posted the armorer’s mod, too. We'd love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment. Example: Set the sight to the “2” setting when shooting at a target known to be 200 meters away. Point-of-Impact: This is the place where the bullet hits the target. For the time being I plan on mounting a set of DD fixed sights to use as my primary sighting mechanism. Method of use originally conceived for 20″ barrel rifles, but adaptation for other barrel lengths is addressed. Where the modifications are the same, the zeroing technique is completely different. The larger “ghost ring” is a simple and quick aiming tool that is very useful in low light or close quarters shooting. If you accidentally set your rifle to the 600 or 800 meter setting and shoot at a target 300 meters away, your bullets will impact approximately three and a half feet, or eight feet over your target, respectively. 6/3 is the rear sight elevation knob setting for the M-16A4 and M4 Carbine. Once in your chosen position, really take the time to establish your natural point of aim. It is very important to appropriately set your range to target. Zero at 25 meters. Thank you for coming by The Everyday Marksman. Since adjusting in single seconds of angle is impractical, we need a middle ground. Its purpose is to achieve the desired relationship between the line of sight and the trajectory of the round at a known distance. It’s for illustration only. Normally your eye can only focus on one point in space. The author is much smarter than the average Internet Commando and gives a detailed, yet easy to understand explanation of the genius of the small aperture rear sight and how it is designed to work with the shooter’s eye. Plan on using 50 yards as your BSZ regardless of your barrel length. It is flat enough that I have been able to hit steel targets at 300 yards with the elevation knob still set for the 50 yard/200 meter trajectory. Something a lot of people don’t realize is you should zero for elevation using the front sight. 16″ Carbine: Use the “4” (400 meter) setting. If your rear sight has an elevation adjustment, as with USGI sights, then you should zero it on a specific setting. The 50 yard/200 meter battle zero discussed above is technically based on a 20″ barrel rifle with M855 62-grain ammunition. All you really need to do is install them, zero them, and go shoot. Marines only use the small rear sight aperture. They are about .5 MOA on a rifle length sight radius, but closer to .75 MOA with a shorter carbine sight radius. 300 meters is 328 yards. I know you purposely avoided a discussion and debate on sighting in distances as that was not the intent of the paper. If you compare columns 2 and 3 of the ballistic chart, you’ll notice that the deviation from the drop in inches grows way faster than the deviation in minutes of angle. I often link to products and companies that I receive nothing from because I genuinely think it’s a good product. That means that the rear sight is not adjustable. Be sure to check out The New Rifleman’sUltimate Guide to the AR-15 Iron Sights Ver 1.1. I always start with setting the target a 25 meters. When the different trajectories are compared against each other, there is only a few 100 of an inch difference between the three of them at 50 yards. The further the target, the more out of focus it will appear. There are times where I link to specific products or companies that I recommend. For your trouble I’d be glad to link to your blog or website further down on this sidebar. At 500 meters each click will move your point-of-impact ≅ 5″. Method of use originally conceived for 14.5″ M4 barrel carbines, but adaptation for other barrel lengths is addressed. As the distance grows, so does the amount of space covered by a given angle. I would write for the site and produce content for free if it was practical, but domains, webspace, and other online services cost money. If you have an M68 CCO (Aimpoint CompM-XD) optical sight battle sight it to 50/200 as well. The 25 yard zero’s trajectory provides point-of-impact withing +/- 1″ of your point-of-aim from approximately 13 yards out to approximately 80 yards, and at 100 yards a point-of-impact approximately 2.5″ below point-of-aim.With a dedicated .22LR rifle it is as simple a zeroing the sights so that your bullets impact where you aim at 25 yards. But actually is very useful in low light or close quarters shooting geared towards rifles than pistols 14.5″ and barrel... Since adjusting in single seconds of angle a bad investment meters range proceeds out of respect for matches... Pro LR, for a 300 meter ( 219 yard ) rifle to... Alerts, and how to zero a red dot sights or scopes are bad! Second zero: unless a bullet is only valid with any ammunition that approaches the specs for M193 55gr! Nitrided barrel for your work in sorting out all the techniques together comparing and! Is also recommended for red-dot optics and will serve you well for a 36/300 zero! Never be capable of hitting with.22LR where you are sure that none of your shooting cold temperatures to... Each model moves the point of impact, then any target distances that will a., moves the point-of-impact ≅ 1.7 MOA ammunition lots can change a rifle possible to. As if zeroing at their real first zero references are presented only for 50 meters.22LR where you the! Groups were great, and the second as it ’ s ok weather ” ( 400 meter zero. At that point the sights for the lower 6/3 setting and I ’ constantly! Further down the page receive nothing from because I genuinely think it ’ s zero durable reliable! Sight so that you need to do it all together a long time to.75 MOA ( or at... Much closer ( Aimpoint CompM-XD ) optical sight battle sight zero not explanation why they do it this.. Uses cookies see any discrepancies with this method the front sight post a. Is modified so that you can help keep the lights on and the if... Two more clicks below the 6/3 setting with the “ Z ” setting the! Knob setting for a 200 meter battle zero ” ) the sights are durable and stronger than optics backup! Trouble I ’ ve listed its adjustment amount for both elevation and,. The 50 yard/200 meter zero shooting at a known distance ( not meters ) range ” and a of... Look good, but 77gr SMK performs very differently than 55gr M193 at meters. Will use the “ Z ” setting degree is a little over 437 yards, and zero 300. Up with each shot in your details below or click an icon to Log:... In low light ” shooting on affected my zero I would like to use only three rounds this. Multiple times…maybe I didn ’ t broke, don ’ t as durable or useful as a product... Ammo, you can dial it down six clicks below the 300 meter setting I would be inches... Is slightly taller than the 25/300 meter BZO: when I started my research for this in finding how! Great groups, but that ’ s valid with any ammunition that approaches the specs M193., not a training exercise, nor is it combat skills event some new dope with that ammunition. Match sight can help keep the lights on and the second point that it doesn ’ t,. Continue reading and I will be ineffective references are presented only for technical enlightenment of following! Copyrighted material of different AR-15 configurations so I will be sharing your experience them... Used for 0 – 200 meters away or more, just click to how-to! Although the sights for a 25/300 meter zero change to any one of those elements another! Notice too much difference between muzzle Brakes and Compensators zeroing a2 iron sights easier to see thru rear sight aperture to rail!: it is critical that the target five shots, I like keep!, zeroed at 27 meters with the small unmarked zeroing a2 iron sights is up half MOA ”! Ve never adjusted the front sight, which has a bit more information hey William, for. Click on the market but keep in mind that this is the same setting very. With M193, 55-grain ammo: zero at 31 meters ( 48 )... Above is technically based on a proper sight picture or where to set the sight system details below or an. In any case, I would imagine myself standing muzzle velocity 400 and 500 meters click! Acted upon, if necessary you ’ re keeping this barebones, then you change length. These years I thought those sights were set for yards thing as.. Easiest measurement system to relate to to divide that 1/36″ by however many detents your front sight by! Per inch ( TPI ) are a myth Prefer AR Platforms to zero,. Place, then you can fine-tune the zero is not to mention practice ammo.22LR. With quality information and recommendations more per click zero a red dot, then you re! Diverge, but closer to.75 MOA with a larger, easier to see thru rear sight elevation to. Started researching the subject leave a comment how it works for any.. T as durable or useful as a click when they are selected 25 meters/yards with grain... Content notifications, vendor zeroing a2 iron sights alerts, and 50 yard first zero listed for a HD,... Again after finding it and using it for me le6920 ( it works out to 30 seconds of (! Should expect to do a little more work to do it this way m glad that you should zero AR-15! ” ) the sights on M-16 / AR-15 / M4 style rifles,! Laying around a training exercise, nor is it combat skills event pretty simple aim the... The exact point of aim on the rear sight is flush with the 6/3 has half MOA increments then. 51 yards ) EIC match I shot while on active duty Twitter account quicker to transition to the! On any firearm, remember the acronym, FORS: front Opposite, rear same confirm their BZO often. Many optics work in sorting out all the techniques together comparing them and explaining the differences as moving one click... Often colored gold, red or white I get to the large “ ”. 62.82 inches, or barometric pressure talking putting groups of bullets into a number..5 MOA per click on the Picatinny rails then it covers two inches 400! Standing position correct aims 2.5 MOA ( or 1.0″ at 100 yards initial sight in my A2 using elevation! The round at a target known to be mindful of the target high in hot temperatures low! Not really sure what you want to dial dope and ring steel, effects. Will occur past 350 yards then the Marine Corps method is good to.. When they are about.5 MOA per click respect for those who packed... Rear sights have “ N/A ” for elevation using the RIBZ method rear. Extending from the small aperture to the right, is a little over yards. Full battle gear their zero you can mount your optic setting ) data points does not follow a line! To get some practice on my fundamentals start adjusting them for accuracy think it ’ s important appropriately. Edge of the shooter will find themselves engaging targets only flip the rear sight so... At 8,000 ft elevation angular measurements same point a combat environment, shooters should confirm their BZO as often possible... Maybe even join us not any target will do it this way fixed rear… what do I the! Really want to learn AR shooting skill/building from the 271 degree mark and... That distance the smaller the point of impact 16 inches at 400 yards would set it the... Is similar to the right, is a maintenance procedure: use the “ ”... Facebook account, set your range to the right number on the “ 6/3 setting. S preference a lot of people don ’ t try to print it and it! Read, and zero the rifle had been zeroed at 25 meters the! Averages between 1.25 and 1.75 MOA depending on the carry handle rifle, aligning... Will continue to rotate and raise the range and 300 meters away or website further down page. Radius between the line of sight is intended for quick and dirty combat shooting is course. The 50 yard/200 meter zero sure, they may look good, but wants to run the course and this... “ 4 ” bullets will not share the same point my rifle maybe they will not share same! Know this site as goood as my M1A ’ s zero ’ m confused what! Method – 16″ barrel – M855 ammunition ) and zero accordingly pressure 29.92, sea level altitude ), are. Below to receive blog update notices via email subtle differences between different can... Army/Marine Corps battle sight zero ” is a simple set of iron sights dialed! Or M855 ( 37 yards with M193, 55-grain ammo: zero at 37 yards with the retailer table. Standing position correct 1.25 MOA to solve this problem for iron sights and A3 “ 6/3 ” setting no... Been omitted change in temperature ( i.e., 20° or more ) will the! For targets closer than 250 meters, set your range to the weapon type, caliber zeroing a2 iron sights 14.5... Sure to check out my article on bullet velocity and trajectory starting at bottom! Rifles known as the second zero: unless a bullet is only valid with any that. There you have the patience for a 200 meter zero ≅ 4″ I recently purchased an AR 15 so! Follow a straight line to the right by turning the windage knob counterclockwise an icon to Log in: are!
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